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Monday, August 9, 2010

Mia Farrow Puts Naomi Campbell on Shout

"you'll never guess what that bitch Naomi is trying to get away with now! But I won't let her little Andy or Jenny!"

Mia Farrow and Naomi Campbell? Who knew the U.N. had read my "if I could invite any three people to dinner" list? If God makes an appearance at this trial, it's complete!

Wait, you want facts? Ok, so there's this wacky trial happening at the U.N. recently that has pulled in Naomi Campbell over whether she received some giant blood diamond(s) from ex Liberian president, Charles Taylor. She testified she didn't know who sent her this jewelry.  A bold statement for mere mortals, yes, but if you were Ms Campbell, it's probably plausible that you'd get unsolicited diamonds hand delivered anonymously to your door late at nite.

Anywho, now Mia Farrow testified today that Naomi had joined her for breakfast the next morning (!) and boasted about the baubles before even breaking bread. Supposedly Naomi

said that in the night she had been awakened. Some men were knocking at the door, and they had been sent by Charles Taylor, and they were giving her a huge diamond

Oh, Rosemary, you are totally off Naomi's Christmas card list now, girl.


  1. I may be able to top your trio, was seated once with Doris Duke, Emelda Marcos, and Cindy Adams... didn't breathe once.

  2. that's quite a trio. and I know they had tales to tell!


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