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Friday, August 20, 2010

The Good and BAD about VOGUE's Latest September Issue

(Striking cover)

It goes without saying that I am a fan of a lady of color gracing any cover yet alone the ever important September issue, BUT... what is up with the clothing choices, VOGUE?

(Vera Wang? or Wendy Pepper?)

You have a stunning beauty in Halle Berry, with her pecan luminescent skin and a slick bob I can almost dig and I get that you ran with the bob's 20's feel and put her in very Poiret feeling dress, it's just, well, the clothes look so-so at best and down right dowdy and cheap at times.

That Vera Wang dress pictured above? Ick!

And someone who embodies a mature, womanly sexiness that's hot, hot, hot does not deserve to be hidden in a parade of sad velvet sacks like these Escada and Armani pieces

(crimes of velvet)

In fact, notice how the cover wisely focused on Halle's own captivating beauty because, honey, the clothes ain't working.

-sigh- dropped the ball again, VOGUE.

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