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Monday, August 2, 2010

A Little Too Casual, J Crew Bridal

Ok, I'm not one to hold to "the way it has to be", but if you show up to my wedding in any of this ish from J Crew bridal, we not friends no more

Cuz I gotta assume they meant for this to be guest attire and not bridal wear, since that, honey, is a whole new inappropriate can o'worms!


  1. Thank you Mac! You made me feel better for a second.

    I never liked (or disliked) JCrew before I told people I was getting married, but afterwards, do you know how many people sent me links to JCrew saying basically, this is pretty and the only thing you can really afford. It got to the point where I saw their little tag and started to feel sick. A bride should not wear something that's "affordably cute" and so plain it works with pretty much anything, but they should find something that works with her budget that she feels amazing in. So if that's a cheap vintage dress she found in a street fair, good for her. :)

  2. Oh. Honey. No.
    Denim and weddings do not mix.
    I'm with you, I'm all for breaking the rules (you are talking to a gal who wore a silver satin wedding dress!), and doing the unconventional, when it comes to dressing, but this is just sloppy and dullsville. Sad. xol


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