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Friday, August 20, 2010

Housing Works Goes Boho

Helped set up the Boho themed weekend event tonite. Found some goodies both boho and whoo hoo:

(Meadow lookin' very chic in her fashion bike helmet)

(groovy tartan round suitcase $15)

(Ooh, is that Ben Franklin contemplating on this scarf???)

("the thinker" silk scarf, $8)

My mom would like this

(wood chicken napkin ring, $2)

and Mr G would like this

(framed autographed Diamanda Galas concert poster, $35)

I loved how "cool" this teacher costume is for Barbie

and the back of the package had some valuable words of wisdom

(Barbie "cool career" teacher costume, $3)

Then I found some lipstick....

(Zac Posen for Target tote bag, $15)

And some lips

(lips phone, $14)

and this genius plaque

(wise old plaque, $5)

Check it out tomorrow only at Housing Works 245 West 10th Street, New York - (212) 352-1618

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