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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Just Don't Call It a Sportcoat

I once met this woman at a party who was wearing an amazing skirt suit. Upon introduction I opened with "I love your Mugler blazer".

"Blazer?! Blazer?!" she repeated in disgust.

Yes, what a bitch I was for being so complimentary. I walked away from her and her, I guess, "suit jacket".

Lesson learned.

And while she may be another tale in my log, this genius Thierry Mugler jacket is not just another post in my blog

And clearly not a blazer

(nice structural neckline)

(Vintage charcoal blue jacket from the 1980's, size 8, Thierry Mugler, $625 at Rare Vintage, 
24 West 57th Street,

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