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Monday, March 22, 2010

Spring It On Me!

I soaked up the springtime weather this weekend. And nothing says Spring like wine (and whine) on Miss JR's rooftop Friday eve. Miss JR and I met up early so our silly complaints we could toss out at each other before Miss M met up with her real problems. Any way you slice it, we all got it out, and wine and pizza in.

Saturday Mr G and I took Miss G's boyfriend, Mr B, out to choose a tuxedo for her upcoming birthday celebrass-ion. We worked our homo angle on him and got a tux that was on point (right fit in the seat and length of hem and without a vest and contrasting black enamel cuff links, etc) and ready made for a Miss G freak out.

That boy owe us for the a** he's gonna get ;)

And then Sunday Mr G finally purchased that Playstation 3 he's been lusting after. I was a bit nervous at first that this would turn into a giant time suck for me (the underemployed) and for he (the hungry for distraction). Oh, but then I remembered I am a total video game nerd.

Miss G, over for the unveiling, was floored how her two gays are screaming at the Grim Reaper kicking his ass in "Dante's Inferno" while her boyfriend called to say he was watching E! and to tell her about the $500 shoes he bought yesterday.

Miss G: "What is going on here? Who is the straight guy here???"

Needless to add, we were up to 230am playing that ish last nite. I beat the crap out of those demon babies in Limbo!

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