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Thursday, March 4, 2010

If You Make It Here...

Last night Miss M.T. and I needed some sustenance. I hadn't eaten but five cups of coffee all day and she was feeling a little thirsty after a stressful day.

At Curly's Vegetarian Lunch we waited 40 mins for a table. Why would anyone do that, you ask? Say hello to my little friend:

Ooh Vegan Thanksgiving on a Plate. Peep that tofurkey smothered all up under that mushroom gravy, greens, sweet potaters and stuffing. Fat kid city!

And the Sangria of the Day (see why this my kinda place?) was Peach with Chili. You know we was up on that!

Needless to say, it hit the spot!

And overheard during dinner at the table with the four tourists next to us (how did they find out about Curly's?! Nooo!):

Four Tourists: "We made so many friends on this trip. Look at the guy over there, he's taking pictures in the restaurant just like us. He can be our friend too".

To which Miss M.T. interjects a "hiiii" and a look.

It was a bit of a snarky dinner, I confess. I was saying how grateful I am to Germy for such great blog material yesterday that I oughta send him a thank you note.

M.T.: Yeah, but where would you send it to?


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