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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Irish I'd Stayed in Bed

Instead of green, feeling a little blue today after a string of no luck.

I followed up with two jobs I applied for recently, one over the phone and another, a retail store assistant manager job, in person. The manager there agreed to meet me only to spring into a lecture about not finding it very professional to drop by in person. So much for being pro-active. My entire life has been filled with this lesson of patience and being patient, you'd think it'd stick.

After that debacle I was shaken but determined to keep my mid-day lunch date with Mr E, a new perspective. Tall, dark and handsome, he and I share a light meal, coffee and an easy conversational chemistry. Mayhaps that's all the chemistry though. Maybe we're so "friend"ly, cuz that's what we're meant to be. I mean I'm physically attracted to him and he's quite quick whitted but he doesn't really ask questions about me or mirror my questions to him. Add that to his girly career choice of hair colorist and his anal-retentive tirade on the joys of cleaning behind the fridge and his sexy fades as fast as a box of Clairol Nice and Easy.

And I haven't even had a drink yet today.

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