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Friday, March 19, 2010

Perfect Day: 60's Fashion Exhibit

At the CUNY in the old B. Altman building on 35th and 5th, Miss LG and I peruse the 60's cinema fashions. It's a delightful but brief exhibit focusing predominantly on Fellini's influence on fashion (although the above Ferregamo with his Hollywood starlet templates pic is amazing!)

As we walked in, "La Dolce Vita" was playing my fave bit where Marcello is slamming a lady with feathers from a pillow while she rolls around on the floor in a drunken stupor. Then he rides her around the room like a horse.

Yup, that's the life.

Meanwhile, looking the part, my tomato print tie is a subtle homage to Warhol and Miss LG rocked a fabulous Bakelite knot pin.

I drew inspiration from these menswear drawings, the best bits of the whole shebang.

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  1. I had the most wonderful time with you! Will post my pics on FB soon. xoxl


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