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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Did That Sound Bitchy?

Never trust a German. They always wanna annex something.

In the tub, still a little hungover, I write Germy a text wishing him safe travels. He's flying tomorrow for an art show he's in or something. Some arty thing.

Anywho, he writes back, I kid you not, "Can I stay at yours, if I date your brother?"

Now I quite often tell people that roommate Mr. G is like my brother, but we not blood, but Germy has the idea we are and now wants to date him.

Me: What? You like him? Since when? And you wanna date us both???

Germ: If that would allow me to stay in your flat. Ok deal.

Wow. Where am I???

Germ: The reason you couldn't pop by my place last night [...drunk dial] is cuz I live in an office. It's my office, but I'm not supposed to sleep there.

Me: I thought you were living with artist patron friends??

Germ: No, I'm the artist. And I live in my office.

So now I'm plum confused. You aren't who you say you are at all. All that talk about spending most of your day at school is not cuz you're dedicated to your art, but because you're homeless? I need a moment.

-MOMENTS LATER- Germy texts again.

Germ: What's going on in your head?

I don't know how to respond here. I am a nice person and I feel for him but I've been on ONE date with him. It's a bit much. He's not just gonna move in with me. Especially not for free. This ain't no flop house.

Did that sound bitchy?


  1. he most certainly isnt going to move in with you

  2. "You know, I have a little prepared speech I tell my suitor when he wants more than I'd like to give him" heathers

  3. I will join all of your friends to form a blockade at your door, ensuring that he doesn't move in. How bizarre, you deserve much better than that, honey! xoxL


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