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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Dear God, I Hope They Were HIGH

Oh Tins...

Last night was the premiere of "High Society" a new and absurdly unnecessary "reality" show.

The pilgrim voyage introduces us to many lovable characters:

There's Tinsley, of course, who I have met and is sweet as punch. I quite like her and sure enough she comes off as a genuine and nice human being. In more than one scene she is presented as a heart broken woman trying to piece it back together. I feel ya' sister!

These two, however, prove the age old proverb 'money does not buy class'.

Now I'm not one to judge. I got way too many drunken pics on Facebook to critique this photo. But these two act like demonic children run wild. I'm not sure which is more despicable. The race is on!

Paul Johnson Calderon takes an early lead as a "too old for these antics" gay who is just a sad spoiled brat begging Mommy for $50,000 for a down payment on an apartment. She "compromises" with a mere $25,000, Now like all good gays, he blows it that night on designer duds, drinks and dancing. There are several references to his history of stealing things from other socialites and his in and out of rehab. I guess he's the Lindsay Lohan.

Not to be outdone there's Julie Kirby. A little confused on what it takes to work at the U.N. (her professed 'dream job') she proclaims that she "uses the N word all the time and think it should be ok". Yeah, that'll improve relations with Sudan. She's the Michael Richards of this mess.

Jules loses the UGLY contest (this week) when Paul almost blinds another girl by throwing a drink in her eye. Although I'll admit that girl's reaction was a bit much. Honey, I've had worse in my eye.

Tinsley makes the smartest assessment of all, when she sums up the New York nightlife that allows these people to be "somebodys":

'this is why I don't go out'

Preach black man, preach!

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