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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Perfect Day: BINGO!

Last nite Mr G and I joined the DiCarlos and Mr D and Miss T for some Bowery Poetry Club Monday nite Bingo. It was packed, but we had a reserved table. Go Mrs DiCarlo and your connects!

I've always been a fan of the cards and the numbered balls, but with prizes as fantastic as frog shaped soap dispensers and smiley face alarm clock necklaces, who wouldn't go wild?

And wouldn't you know it, Mr DiCarlo won the Playdough Fun Factory which he gallantly gave Miss T.

She was the receiver of many gifts all nite since hosts Murray Hill and Linda Simpson would give her a shout out anytime they pulled "O-69". Ha. (Mrs DiCarlo put in a good word for her ahead of time)

Bingo took a strange turn when kids got naked minus some strategically placed Bingo boards. All for a two drink bar tab??? Maybe I'm getting old. Plus, please tell me those boards get hosed down in Lysol after.

I'll spare you those shots, but damn look how close I was to winning the Hannah Montana beach towel! Curses!

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