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Thursday, March 18, 2010

I Never Was Good at Geography

Last nite on the celebration of all things Ireland, Mr G and I went to an event for the IVANAhelsinki/ Love Contemporary Pop Up on Mulberry.

Over treacly vodka tonics we perused the racks of printed frocks. This polka-dot romper in mohair is a rich sienna and felt like a fantasy afternoon of curling up and daydreaming in
the park.

(Mohair polka dot romper, $379 at

I personally wanted this Lurex vest. Lurex and a vest? Heaven!

(Hand knit wool and Lurex gold vest, $295 at

and just in case you're not looking for something to put ON, the pop up conveniently carries various dildos and things.

Jeepers! I'd like to meet the customer for this:

("The Perfect 11" stainless steal dildo, 11"L x 6.5 " circumference x 3.5 lbs weight, $299 at

No amount of open bar makes that a yes.

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