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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Bring Out Your Dead!

(Library Bar, 7 Avenue A, 212-375-1352)

Looking snazzy in my Lurex sweater with acorn print shirt underneath, I caught up with old friends yesterday.

Well, I first had lunch with an ex that I'm now transitioning into a friend. I like being friends with my exes. Just because we didn't work out romantically doesn't mean I don't care for you and like having you in my life.

Anywho, Mr. "Lumiere" (we affectionately name him after the candelabra from Beauty and the Beast, despite not being one of several French exes) and I caught up and discussed all the changes in life we've seen in the past two years since we broke up. It's a nice, casual and fun lunch and I even gave advice on his current relationship. I recommended that Lumiere, worried that his own personal cuddling skills still aren't up to par, think of the current guy as cuddle training wheels. "Cuddle use him!" I shout in between forkfulls of Chat 'N' Chew's notorious mac n' cheese. I, of course, ate the whole thing.

Later I met up with Miss J.P. whom, despite working a mere few blocks away, I have not seen in a year. I have a bad habit of not speaking to people for stretches of time. Or maybe it's a good habit because I always reconnect with people and even tonight with J.P. it felt like no time had passed.

Either way, she looked stunning and beautifully made up. She works as a makeup artist and always turns it out with her lipstick and things.

JP: "Oh honey, so good to see you! You look amaazing (pronounced like Lamaze)"

The nite is off.

We went to our old haunt Library Bar. Covered in skulls, black crowes, old books and beer scuz, this is the wicked combination of dive bar and Halloween. Any wonder I love it so!

Over far too many Guinness, J.P. layed out the torrid tale of her two year affair with a married man capping it off with a "I can't believe he stayed with his wife. I'm the one with the perfect skin. I have no rosacea on these cheeks, honey!"

Did I mention the too many Guinness? I guess this
is what I take away from the day. While reconnecting with people like no time has passed is a nice part of life, the truth of the matter is I'm not the same person. As I type this Wednesday morning hungover, I realize full on that I don't have the drink tolerance I had one year ago. Five Guinness and a peach/vodka shot and I'm shot! ohhhh.

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