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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

THanks for the AD: Gisele Gives Good Face?

Johan Lindeberg, the mastermind behind BLK DNM, knows the value of a well placed Gisele is your ad. But usually designers rely on her face, hair or toned and tanned physique to sell their wares. 

I was first taken aback by the lack of visage or recognizable parts in this street ad

What a waste of money. You KNOW Gisele don't come cheap! And then you don't even put her face in it, you don't even let people know it's Gisele, outside her name?? What are you insane???

And then I remembered: jeans are all about fit particularly how they make the butt look. And nobody got a high and tight like Mrs. Bunchen-Brady 

Thanks, I'll take 6 pairs! 

So kudos to you, Mr. Lindeberg, you advertising genius. 

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