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Friday, June 21, 2013

Move Over Karl Lagerfeld

Nick Graham, chief executive of NGO Inc and founder of Joe Boxer, had a lot to say in an op-ed piece for Women's Wear Daily about men embracing their inner peacock

From the grad 'em title, "Men are the New Women", Graham shot off a string of bon mots including 

"I don't mean men should start dressing like Lady Bunny, but we can go much further than we do" 

"Style is like knowing someone all your life; a trend is having dinner with someone and never seeing them again" 

On how retail has changed: "We can no longer hide behind a store door that opens at 930 a.m. to let people buy what we tell them to" 

On how color has taken over menswear: "Don't get me wrong, I like brown; it looks great on camels and trees" 

Read the whole piece featuring tons more quotable quotes here:

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