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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Three Reasons I love Resort Collection (In Pictures)

When I was in Toronto, my friend, fellow fashion writer Naomi Mdudu from The Fashpack and I were talking about Resort collections and how much we liked them. She brought up some good points on why they are the emerging fashion darling of the designer collections and added to my personal reasons why I love these "in-betweeners"

1. They offer sharp and necessary change for the designers at retail

It's late December / early January and you are now officially bored with your tartans and tweeds you so romanticized mere months ago. You want change from the mounds of snow and 30 and below. Enter tropical prints and soft silks

(Peter Pilotto)

2. They allow designers to test Spring collection ideas

Your strengths lie in designing graphic, clean colorblocking and mixed media shoes. The public's pep for peplums has popped. Now you know before you waste valuable assets and store space to these ideas. Carrying over proven ideas into the next season is a lot easier when you have a test lab without the Spring delivery pressures

(Roksanda Ilincic)

3. They're no longer for rich folks who 'resort'

Resort began as a way to showcase swimwear for luxury clients who don't know what the term 'cabin fever' means. The jet-set elite who literally jumped in their jets for warmer climes at the first snowflake. Worry not, you 1%, Resort still shows lighter weights and, of course, a swimsuit or two, but these are also great pieces for work or wear with heavy coats - those aforementioned tweeds are instantly exciting again!

(Giambattista Valli) 


(" 'Oh, I'm off to the shore. toodles.' Bitch")

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