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Monday, June 3, 2013

Where are you Róisín Murphy? We Need You!

Two weeks ago I saw a drag queen in a turban perform to 'Royal T" by Italian house DJ Crookers featuring Róisín Murphy and I had a thought: what happened to that B???  I LOVED her! 


This above colab with the sexy video appears to be Rosin's latest output. Sadly this was released in autumn of last year and her last full album, Overpowered, which was brilliant, came out in 2007

("Just gonna pop out for some milk right quick") 

My beloved Irish chanteuse with the wicked style and sly delivery, where have you ran off to? I heard you're having babies, but why not give us more of that sharp Euro trash disco sing-alongs? it is Summer, afterall and this boy has even started "working out" (ie: situps and squats at home. Don't get carried away) and could use some energizing jams. 

Róisín, rush back to us! 

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