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Thursday, October 20, 2011

This Week's Top Model Moment

(All dressed up and ready to go... back to the house, pack their bags and go... home)

Ms Coco Rocha, all bones and heavy makeup, brought the All Star to the title indeed, screaming, play fighting, making that face dance and speaking in clipped tones

But I sure as heck did not like that they eliminated my girl, Bre for this shot

Yeah don't love this pic, but what exactly is happening on the right with the blow up doll Coco's dragging to the dumpster the morning after a bachelor party? 

Tyra spewed some nonsense to Alexandria and Bre (both in the bottom two) about being fan faves. Bre obviously is, hence the shock elimination, but am I the only one who remembers Alexandria earning the sole boos and heckling during the debut ep

(I'm sure it's said with love)

I know this sounds naive but man as all the memorable talent gets chucked every week I'm starting to think this game be rigged for Bianca or another B!

But it won't be this B, unfortch    

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