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Monday, October 3, 2011

Spring 2012 DIY: Givenchy Necklace

Kids, this shark tooth necklace from Givenchy is gonna get mad ink come March magazine time

But what's stoppin' you and me from rockin' it now and later for mere pennies? Umm, let's do it!


Step one: find your local Discovery Store or in New York, the super fab DIY "jewelry store" Evolution

Sure, they sell some pre-made jobs like the one above for $19

But don't be a punk! Grab some string and make it happen with these loosey guys instead

Umm... sexy, on trend with the "color blocking" and in step with Vegetarian Awareness Month, totally cruelty free replica. And $39. Something tells me the Givenchy one might be a tad bit more. 

The Evolution Store's kick ass website full of DIY ideas: 

You're welcome. 

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