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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Last Nite's Party: An Evening with Ralph Lauren

(Just the usual Lauren family Christmas card)

Boy am I beat from all the well-moneyed elbow rubbing at last nite's "Evening with Ralph Lauren" hosted by the big O

A small gathering of real close friends benefiting the Ralph Lauren Center for Cancer Care and Prevention and Lincoln Center for Performing Arts, it managed to bring out some real elite beauties. Let's judge they obligatory Ralph Lauren ensembles!

Ralph and Ricky look rich and calm. I guess owning the West Village will do that for a couple. 

Mr Seth Meyers you are the cutest thing ever and that tux is a new but incredibly sexy visual for the collage of you in my head. 

I love you, you crazy B! One of the many reasons is no matter what envelope opening you're attending you always make it seem as the president of the CFDA that it's the only place you'd want to be. You're either 100% invested or the fakest b***h this side of "Bad Girls Club"

Normally Chanel Iman I get a 'happy model' vibe from you, but man did someone lay on the sourpuss big time! I guess if I was stuck in a frock that looks like my sister's go-to 90's wedding guest dress I'd be all pussed up too. 

Former model Hanneli Mustaparta is showing the new blood up big time! And she's got designer of the moment, Prabal Gurung on her arm. Girlfriend knows how to show up to a dinner she's got no intention of eating! 

The beauty of being so rich is that you can dress like Paz de la Huerta and no one calls you out on it. Am I right, Wendi Murdoch? 

It would have been pretty easy to win best dressed at this event since most people wore the same simple long sleeve dresses and fur jackets that litter the Upper East Side on a daily basis, but oh no that's not good enough for Kerry Washington. No, no this b***h had to kill 'em dead! This is like the fashion chic equivalent of Jason Voorhees: no one stands a chance so just get the hell out of the woods! 

Your abundantly apparent disinterest in Ms. Wintour's ramblings only makes my heart beat faster, Mr Seth Meyers. Purr...

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