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Monday, May 9, 2011

Found on Twitter: Stuarts London

Yesterday Stuarts London started following me on Twitter. According to their Twitter profile they're

 "a retro & Heritage fashion follower's paradise"

So you know I had to check that out! My abridged want list is as follows:

1. Barbour Tartan Holdall

Now the description has "wheelie" in it which makes me nervous as I'm more a classic luggage than one you can hear going over textured floors and grates. But the pull along parts are detachable for a gentleman who prefers style over sloth.

(Barbour cotton plaid with leather trim bag, £249.00 at Stuarts London,

2. John Smedley Peregrine Basket Weave T Shirt

I'm a little guy, so I can pull off this knitted t shirt in a way that is less bottle service and Hummers and more Vespas and La Dolce Vita. I love the knit and I'll confess I looked up "Peregrine" on (sidebar: love that site! Have it bookmarked.
Nerd Alert!) and the definition is "having a tendency to wander". Now Stuarts London has supplied me with new vocab and a desirable not so static knit.

(John Smedley 100% cotton basket weave t shirt, £116.00 at Stuarts London,

3. Farah "The Beckett" Shirt in Tomato

Yesterday a client of mine was enquiring about the fit and make of a navy Pauw skirt. Her questions, however, were falling on deaf ears as I was making mental notes to pinch her style and pick up a short sleeve chambray in a reddish pink immediately and pair it with navy even faster! So chic in that French farmer way.

(Farah slim fit chambray shirt, available in blue and tomato, £45.00 at Stuarts London,

4. Baracuta "James Dean" Jacket

Guess I'm not the only one on this perpetual hunt...

((Baracuta cotton canvas jacket, available in red and light khaki, £100.00 at Stuarts London,

So, review? While they won't be usurping Merriam Webster from my main bookmark bar, they are indeed a paradise of men's stylish finds and will be added to my e-commerce folder. Pray now that my credit card doesn't find its way to Stuarts London too often. 

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