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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Book Club: Oleg Cassini's Memoirs

Masterfully melding my two loves, history and fashion, Oleg Cassini's autobiography, "In My Own Fashion" also showcases a skillful dose of trash talk, financial ups and downs, whirlwind romances (he's straight and he married Gene Tierney and romanced many, many others), jet setting, adversaries (right now he's met his match in Edith Head) and name dropping.

And wild audacious claims like this one

"Producer Arthur Hornblow... asked me to work on 'I Wanted Wings', an aeronautical big-budget mishap, noteworthy only for the debut of a young starlet named Veronica Lake, whose blonde peekaboo hairstyle created a sensation across the country. With all due modesty, I must admit: I created that look..."

And I'm only on page 103. The book is full of these grandiose claims and I haven't even made it to his 60's heyday of being the on call couturier for Jackie Kennedy

(It's good to be king... of the pill box hat)

In 36 hours I'll be on a plane bound for Spain for a week long celebration. Thank you, Mr. Cassini, for the ultimate in vacation reads.

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