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Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday the 13th Style Icons: Melissa from Part 7

("There goes the neighborhood")

I’m a man of many tastes. One minute I can rave about the return to color for Spring and smart tailoring for Fall, the next I’m on a bender of bad movies featuring beheadings. The politics of finding a new creative director for venerable French fashion houses is regular cocktail fodder. Why newfangled blasphemous remakes of Freddy and Michael Myers carry on is a constant debate in the Mr G and me apartment.

Today, on Friday the 13th of May 2011, I’ma bridge the gap. Introducing a new segment I call

“Lucky at the mall, Unlucky at camp”

Our first victim… ahem, I mean model is Miss Melissa from “Friday the 13th Part 7: The New Blood” aka the one with that telekinetic B who gets all Carrie White on Jason’s ass

Melissa is the epitome of preppy 80’s style straight from The Limited with a platinum sexy mom bob to boot

("You like it? I just got it last nite at The Limited. Like totally blew my allowance")

Cool color sweater girl tops for openly mocking the recently asylum released

(A fashion perfectionist, Melissa confirms the proper way to wear a straight jacket)

White crisp denim that's pristine even when she’s kneeling in the woods eavesdropping on psycho Tina and we met a minute ago but now we’re in love boyfriend, Nick (aka
Dr Craig Wesley from my stories!)

("I love you complete stranger that may have psychological disorders")

And of course the big scene-stealer, that pearl necklace from daddy

Sadly, she takes an axe to the head right at the denouement, but she works it like the accessory pro she was born to be!


Stay tuned for this continued series. The next installment happens in January!

-It Can't All Be Dior

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