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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Why Was There So Much Bad Fashion at the CFDA Awards?

For years the CFDA's were held behind closed doors and reserved only for the fashion elite. Now that they are finally being broadcast the whole world can see what those in the know wear to honor their own.

And it ain't good.

Seth Meyers and Alexi Ashe

She's in Band of Outsiders. He's in my dreams as a cutie with a sharp wit. Serving as host, he looked better when he donned a take on Marc Jacobs' MET Ball sheer number


Anna Wintour

Speaking of Mr. Jacobs, this fashion dictatoress could choose any ensemble lain at her fingertips and this simple Marc Jacobs shift is what she goes with? It's perfectly fine, but not at all inspiring. The same could be said for American VOGUE though....

Tory Burch

Presumably in Tory Burch. Painfully all one color.

Donna Karen

Presumably in Donna Karen. Obviously did not visit the tailor. But then that's what happens when you're running late from tap class. Ugh.

Jessica Stam 

Ooh girl, now is not the time to retread that old Elvira costume.

Zac Posen and Crystal Renn

A bit dramatic, yes, but finally some folks are gettin' in the spirit (or spirits for that matter. Go ahead!) Although, Crystal, girl you have wittled away your once robust frame and over tanned.... I thought you were Paz de la Huerta at first. Yikes!

Alisson Mosshart and Eddie Borgo 

She's such a peach and I may have sold that shirt to her once upon a time. They're a bit too cool for school, but this is a fashion event and at least they look stylish, be it in a rocker, St Mark's way, but style nonetheless.

Phillip Lim with Theo Hutchcraft from HURTS 

Oh I love HURTS and how cute a couple would they be. Although, Phillip, that suit. Jesus.

Shala Monroque

Artist and editor, Monroque is rockin this cute little dress from... well I'm not sure yet. Gee I hope it's vintage or some unknown designer. Something under the rader and low key and personal. In my head that's how it plays out and therefore she be doin' it!

The Olsens and Lauren Motha-F-in' Hutton 

Bow down for the queen in cream.

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