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Monday, June 4, 2012

In.gredients is Not a Portlandia Skit

Remember that Portlandia skit where the no packaging grocery store opened and the mice had a field day? Well turns out this was not a completely fabricated Fred Armisen idea

Meet Austin, Texas (of course) grocer  "In.gredients"  where produce is local, coffee and bananas and any other tropical foods are banned beacuse of their high carbon footprint and you bring or borrow mason jars and Tupperware to carry your haul home


Thanks to Bon Apetit for this piece on the green grocery come alive. And thanks to In.gredients for trying.

I mean truly, truly want to get behind the good ideas present here and packaging really is an environmental eye sore and detriment, but no coffee? Really? I will cut a green bitch!

For more info:

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