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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Does New York Make You Prematurely Grey?

One of the funny side effects of a public transit dependent life is how up close and sequestered you get with people. At this magnified moment you can really get a good view of what's going on. On my commute yesterday home and into work today, I noticed a continuous streak : people are going grey. Young people and middle aged people alike, but the propensity to grey seems pretty prevalent right about now.

There's slashes at the bangs and stashes at the temples. Wisps in the fly-aways and collections in the comb-overs.

But why are so many Q train riders in need of some Nice n Easy? Is it the hectic work schedules where 8 or hell, even 9 hour days are a treat. Summer Fridays are non-existent and lunch breaks are reason for rumbling.

Is it the dependency on an archaic transit system that continues to decrease customer satisfaction while increasing rates? Or the scrape to the finish to get home to the apartment that you work so hard to afford the luxury of renting?

Or is this merely that New York living allows closeness to truly examine people's noggins? I mean outside of New York how often does the opportunity for intimacy to inspect occur? For all we know this is a generational thing or yet another side effect of a diet based on mutated corn and the cows that eat it.

A little side observation how pop culture is on this trend: Kelly Osbourne, Lady Gaga and Kristen McMenamy have all embraced grey hair while George Clooney continues to be the ne plus ultra male sex symbol and the nation has become enraptured in the ultimate beach read for sad, sexless marriages "50 Shades of Grey".

Perhaps it isn't all so black and white.

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