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Thursday, June 28, 2012

7 Sinfully Good Years in New York

New York is a sinful city and on the eve of my SEVEN year anniversary living in this den of sin, I thought I'd examine how I've fallen prey to each temptation and naughtiness


It's easy to be greedy in the city. So many drinks, twinks and trinkets to be had.


Everyday annoyances like people, subways and the high price of booze makes a b wanna snap. I'ma snap!


I tried to give this up for Lent this year, but throughout my time in New York I be lazy. Two blocks to the laundromat? Ugh, too far. And then I'm gonna drop it off and let someone else do it. 


It's easy to get a big head when you work in fashion and you fawned over and stuff is given to you. To paraphrase the wise and boastful Lil Kim "y'all rock Versace and you went out and bought it, I rock Versace and you know I ain't pay [RETAIL] for it"


Is their apartment bigger or in a better neighborhood or closer to the train? Do they have a better job? Does their boyfriend? 


New York offers up a lot and copious consumption is part of the lease. Nums! 


I'ma leave that one alone.

New York I love ya, and here's to sinning most vigorously for another seven! 

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