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Friday, June 1, 2012

Water Water Everywhere

It's Summer and that means you gotta stay hydrated. They say eight glasses of water, but with that mean old sun beatin' you down what you eat can hydrate you too.

Just check out these secret Summer sources of h2o


This traditional Iberian soup is a slick way to utilize all those brilliant garden fresh tomatoes and peppers just bursting with juicy flavor.


What's Summer without lemonade? Or a flavorful wedge in your ice tea? 

Pasta Salad

Pasta absorbs the water it boils in and when tosses with veggies, olive oil and a squeeze more lemon, you got one refreshing cook out staple.

The Ice Cream Truck

There's a reason those magical notes call to you on a hot day. It's not just nostalgia. This sweet treat really cools you down and revs you up.


Growing up we had a blackberry bush in the backyard and let me tell you these b's be juicy!


Also in season this piquant and peppery Summer green has the sexy added bonus of being heralded since the Roman Empire as a libido enhancer. Grrr....

Lately Mr Taurus and I have been hooked on arugula and this simple recipe is one I like to toss together really quick utilizing the best of Summer's secret water sources 

Blackberry, yellow pepper and arugula salad

1 Box Blackberries
1 Large Yellow Bell Pepper
Large Bowl of Arugula
Salt and Pepper to Taste

-Rinse all items
-Chop yellow pepper
-Mix all ingredients together
-Blackberries will burst, creating a flavorful dressing
-Gobble up!

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