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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Z Spoke to Me

Zac Posen's new lower priced line, Z Spoke, had its runway debut this week and it was right up my alley.

Bright colors? Fruit shaped brooches? Clashing patterns? All very Mackie and a light, colorful and fun oasis in one 90's themed dud of a New York fashion week.

Let's look at the shiny happy people, shall we:

(A girl can never go wrong in yellow)

(or a Mac. And adore those fruit slice pins. Need one.)

(I love the mix and match feel here. Coupled with the sexy librarian glasses and it reminds me of a former 
co-worker's much admired work wear)

(I would wear this whole look. 70's caricature of fruit, a shot of Dimatapp purple and a slim cadet grey tux? Yes. Yes I would rock this)


  1. SUPER cute! We both need those fruit slice brooches, for sure!! I agree, so many of the collections have been dreary, and I'm sad about the 90's revival, there was nothing vibrant or fun in the 90's (I'd rather wear clothing inspired by the 1890's, haha!). I'm going to keep my eyes open for some brooches like this for you, whenever I go vintage-hunting! xoxol

  2. truth! why revisit a decade known for sartorial somberness? but if you find a vintage fruit slice pin, snatch it up :) xoxox


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