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Monday, September 27, 2010

A Perfect Weekend

Mr Taurus took me out to dinner at Maracas Restaurant. Let me tell you, we had a blast! The whole nite had an "anything can happen" special vibe and it was very "me and my man out on the town".

We started with some "Latin Passion" drinks (Yes, yes I know I LOVE the Latin Passion) with a little mermaid straight chillin' in the drink!


It was like the club up in this place. The club and a cotton candy explosion. My kinda joint!

In between the light show, the cut outs, the tacos and chatting with our new friends at the neighboring table... it was a magical evening

(num nums)

(look at this lady!)


After a fantastic dinner we ran the city with some of his friends and some of mine

(Miss JB and Me)
I felt like a young gent again. Thanks Mr Taurus. And thanks New York!

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  1. Cutie-pies!!! Looks like you had a blast, glad to see you getting out and having some fun with your sweet man! xoxol


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