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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Fashion Took a Much Needed Night Out

So Last nite was the second year of the Fashion's Night Out. This is Anna Wintour's attempt to lure reserved and frugal New York City to go out and shop.

It was a pretty decent evening for my work. We did well and had a nice party vibe going even if we were a noticeably booze-free establishment

(My co-workers, burning the midnight oil. Not drunk)

Lucky for us Philip Lim and Rag+Bone took care of intoxicatin' folks. Although why people would wait in block long lines for an ice cream truck remains a mystery.

(I love the Asian girl to the left's facial explosion. Maybe that ice cream is worth waiting for!)

There were so many people dressed to the nines in far fetched closet reaching costumes, I chose a very Daisy Fellowes approach and dressed in a minimal, linear look. 

(still pretty ok for an old curmudgeon)

But my favorite look of the evening went to my new friend, Mr Dildy, looking sharp in his white square paillette covered Gareth Pugh. 

(Doin' it!)

It was a party all nite long and after work I ran into a whole bunch of people I hadn't seen in a bit. I guess that's really the point of FNO: one big party!

(cute Marni balloon. I don't think i can sell it on ebay before the helium leaks. Dang!)

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  1. LOVED seeing you - you are one of the few friends who I would brave those crazy crowds for, darling! When I download my pics, I will send them along. xoxoxl


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