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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The ELLE Switch-a-roo

What's up magazines? In a financial tailspin, you'd think they'd step up the creativity and glamour to capture the attention of an ever A.D.D. audience.

This is the May 2010 cover of ELLE. I subscribe so I get a "special" cover with the implication it is more geared towards readers invested in beautiful, inspiring imagery.


And Fergie, really?!

This is the inside right panel of a DIOR ad with Marion Cotillard and my suggestion for a cover style and subject for subscriber covers (less room for headlines is needed since you've already "bought" the magazine, so fill the page dramatically).

Leaps more dreamy. I know firsthand that ad budgets are imense compared to editorial, but I would dare the idea and the casting is what makes DIOR captivating.

A washed up girl who used to sing about her lovely lady lumps and that no one considers fashionable is NOT the right choice for a fashion magazine. Plain and simple.

Meanwhile Ms. Cotillard radiates French chic and makes me want the clothes and to know more about her, her upcoming projects and her style know how. Makes me wanna buy the magazine and support its vision and the vision of its advertisers (and think how gorgeous ads would be if editorials ramped it up and made this ad the normal!)

Just a small rant from a magazine editor feeling a general lackluster laziness taking hold of his beloved field.

Disclaimer: This is just an example. By no means is ELLE solely guilty.

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