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Monday, April 19, 2010

Most F-able Wedding Ever

As for this weekend, it was a fun filled whirlwind trip back home for a wedding of two friends. My date was my friend I haven't seen in a minute

The wedding was really magical and sleek: a stunning bride I've known since middle school, a handsome groom I've become quite fond of getting married in the old armory.

They did a great reception redecorate. I forgot quickly that I used to vote here.

When the happy couple were
"presented" my friends at the table and I all agreed they are a very attractive couple.

I'd go so far as to say this was the sexiest wedding I've ever been to. Many of the bridal party and guests were also very F-able.

Actually, one of the guests was very F-able. I'd noticed this guy earlier. Tall dark and handsome, in his grey "dressy" jeans and purple dress shirt combo, he was looking good. When I went up for my Seagram's Seven and Seven # 5 or 6 (hey, open bar. don't judge), he made his move.

And he knew exactly who I was.

Mr Dressy Jeans:  Your name's Mac, right?

Me:  Umm, yeah....

Dressy Jeans:  It's F_. Remember me?

oh....yeah. Yeah, I do.

So the guy that I'm obliviously checking out at my friends wedding is a boy I'd made out with many a moon ago and is now picking me up.

Somehow, this all seems about right.

And Wow, my tastes are still the same from 6 years ago. That and Dressy Jeans has matured into his sexy. He is quite handsome and witty. I also quite enjoyed his festive and fun friends at the table next and joined them for an after party and more dancing.

Needless to say, spent the nite at Dressy Jeans and then had an awkward walk of shame to my mom's house. Oy, nothing like a 30 year old slinking into his mom's after being out all nite. Classy.

(doing my spot-on Olivier Zahm impression)

But thanks to the bride and groom for making this reunion possible ;)

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  1. How cute do you look, doing your walk of shame home? (Actually, I like you far more than Olivier, so maybe he is impersonating YOU)! Loved this post, glad you had so much fun. Hope you get to see Dressy Jeans again! xoxl


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