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Friday, April 30, 2010

A Snuggle and a Snog

Funny thing about New York, everything is so immediate: on the street glances lead to whirlwind romances, casual banter leads to happily ever after.

Or at least it feels that way on a sunny Thursday afternoon in Mr Air Con's apartment. He's an Australian chap I know visiting New York from Japan to research Japanese history for NYU. Got all that?

Anywho, back in that rutty little room with the air conditioning and the hot hibiscus tea. I don't know if it's the heavy temperature contrast on my already tousled senses or what, but I've got dreams of letters and sodas in my eyes as I look up at him.

M:  you're so cute. you've got some poor boy pining away for you over East, right? (it's always how it goes)

AC:  ha, no actually.

M: well, I have to tell you if you weren't leaving Monday, I'd try to settle you down.

And it's true.

Hard to find is a guy who can balance a snuggle with a snog, but today Mr Air Con gave me cuddle "what for" and made me a cup of tea. Now that's what I call a  perfect gentleman and a perfect day off.

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