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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Project Runway All Stars: I Nanette Lepore You!

This week we learned about the math behind running a successful contemporary label (that would be the next great American designer's market) from Ms. Nanette Lepore

I was very happy that we at least mentioned after all these seasons, that fashion design is a business first. There is no magic envelope of money and a room full of free Brothers at your fingertips.

I was very disappointed though that it went right back to fashion fantasy with this girl just looking at designs and pulling a fabric allowance out her head

And everyone easily stayed within that budget? Really? Don't they usually bitch and struggle over the measely $200 they're given for less important dresses? Seems fishy and/or a missed opportunity to expose the compromises designers face

Anywho let's talk taffeta:


Austin's coat is the perfect example of how fabric is the backbone of good design. This would have been spot-on in a more structured material, but given his budget restrictions he chose this wet noodle ish. Shame cuz the color was on trend saturation and the movement I'm sure made the judges teeter

And what girl doesn't want her "That Girl" moment? 


Remember that year Jennifer Hudson was up for an Oscar for her throw down tour de force in "Dreamgirls" and everyone was like "if she doesn't win this..."? Mondo is the J-Hud of contemporary design. I long ago suggested he has an amazing career at the helm of Forever 21 or on team with one of the labels off Bergdorf's 5th floor, because given an established contemporary designer's aesthetic he nailed it 

No surprise. What is exciting is that we're at the finale and both our boys are "IN" 

Here's where we stand as we head into the homestretch



Hmm... would you look at that. We got two winners on our hands, although we all know there can only be one on top. 

Oh, and Angela? Still nailin' it! 

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