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Monday, March 12, 2012

Good Advice: The Economy is on the Up!

Recession? What recession? Or so today's AM New York would have me believe as more and more 'economic indicators' point to an economic turn around.

Thank you free daily newspaper, but many people I know personally are still out of work, peanut butter be $4 for the little jar and gas is gonna hit $5 a gallon this Summer. 

Plus, did we add new jobs / industries to the US economy? Do we export new goods to the global markets outside of reality TV? Because otherwise, this new wave we're riding isn't based on anything other than good old fashioned American retail overspending. And that has proven a faulty hook to hang our hats on. 

I'm feeling preachy this morning. I haven't been able to shake this damn cold and the DayQuil is like a truth serum. 

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