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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Give Me Your Checkbook: Marni for H&M Heels More Expensive than Real Marni on Ebay

Today the latest brain scrambling designer colab-o hits the shelves and if it's anything like Missoni, Wu or Versace before, Marni's op prints and Scandinavian style clogs will sell out faster than an indie pop band with and Itunes commercial. 

But ladies, if saving $$ is the motive for your ravenous retail rager, might I suggest you take a breath and a peek at Ebay where straight up Marni is going for a lot less than the H+M versions and you can save a bruise or two 

The real deal Marni heels on ebay, $76


Marni for H&M heels, $110

Do a little searching from the comfort of your desk and score without any of the "why did I push that lady down in the middle of a crowded store on a Thursday" guilt. 

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