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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Let's Go for a Walk

This past week Mr G and I watched Miss GL's glorious pup, Gia. She was a real treat and easy to care for, yet, every morning when I took her out for a walk the dilemma arose of what does one wear to escort the dog out for a squat?

Kenzo's Fall 2012 Paris runway came a'answering

This Coat

Those loose waffle knit details, that floppy collar (presumably zip up, if particularly nippy out). I want this coat in my life.  


<---- Grape Print Pants 

Fine vines. Printed pants continue to trot out and into my dream wardrobe.

Lion sweater --->

Ferocious! This sweater makes it clear: "No, you may not
pet my dog" 

Next weekend I'm watching Gia again. That gives me ten days to find some thrift Kenzo. 

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