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Friday, March 23, 2012

Mondo Wins

And nobody is surprised

Well except Mondo, maybe.

The rest of us knew the whole premise of this show was pretty much to vindicate him for his robbed earlier win from season 8.

But Austin was equally robbed for season 1, but I guess time heals all wounds

Personally I liked Mondo's designs although I thought they were very similar to his previous output

Austin's I thought branched out more although I agreed with the judges that he needed to hone his focus better (Hasidic vampire hipsters???)

But if this is the results...

I'll bite! 

Other moments of note:

Angela Lindvall looked SEX! in her Stella McCartney

Georgina Chapman was channeling her inner Muppet lady of the manor

Tommy Hilfiger gave good insight on market and retail (despite my "Meh" on him, he knows how to sell ish!) 

Not enough Isaac! 

And Joanna Coles is possibly the nicest (at least on TV) editor of a fashion magazine I've ever experienced! 

And the consolation prize of a weekend in Paris may have been custom made by the producers since they knew they weren't giving it to Austin

(Oh and I checked, Mondo's designs aren't up on Neiman Marcus online as of this post on Friday at 11am.)

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