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Monday, March 5, 2012

Lindsay's SNL: Success or Fail?


I wanted to get behind this. I really did. Lindsay's comeback #37 is in full steam and hosting Saturday Night Live this past weekend was going to be a reminder of her relevance beyond the US Weekly set and a display of the razor sharp comedic skills of "Mean Girls" and "Freaky Friday"


But where was it? That 'Oh Yeah' moment? Lindsay got few lines, wasn't even in the opener and then flubbed what should have been the highlight of the evening, portraying herself in a criminal rehabilitation skit, relying too heavily on cue cards. That bit did generate two big laughs; on was when she announced, in her jumpsuit and Crips bandanna, she's gonna scare them straight as... Lindsay Lohan


With Monday upon us, I can't help but correlate this effort to get a career off the ground to that of a certain other controversial white woman with too much lip filler. Did Lindsay Lohan just have her Lana Del Ray swan song?

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