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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Little Boots Keeps Me Wanting More

2009's 'Hands' Lp from Little Boots hooked me like a parasite you get walking around barefoot where you got no business walkin' barefoot and I've been longing for the followup hit of sonic smack.

Well, my wait is inching close to complete.

First came "Every Night I say a Prayer" with its 90's dance routines 


Then you convinced me to wear my 'Headphones' on the dance floor 

(The multi-collared blouse, the metallic shift dresses.... oh British fashion!)

And cheeky monkey, between the Voguing above and the peepshow below, don't think I don't notice all your homages to Madonna all up in your videos.

Why, why can't you tour the whole of  US and not just California?! Dang!

Although good excuse to go back to Barcelona for your October dates... (Of course you're playing Barcelona!)

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