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Thursday, July 15, 2010

What The Google?

I'm not a morning person. Doing anything at 9am is disorienting, but when this wacky Google design above greeted me first thing, my sleep sand filled eyes could not comprehend. 

Well it turns out, Google's logo is based on architect/textile designer Josef Frank's "The Vegetable Tree". Born on July 15th, 1885, Frank's being honored by Google today because

"we're continuing a tradition of celebrating individuals from all walks of life who have had a lasting impact on people around the world"    (Annie Baxter from Google)

I am a big fan of pattern and textile design and Google's lighthearted takes on their logo. You'd have to search pretty hard to find another brand so loose with their precious logo, but Google gets that by reinterpreting it, they're actually interacting and including their audience. Smarties.

Here's more of Frank's designs:

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