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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Nice Work if You Can Get It, Christy Turlington

Sometimes my friends and I pretend we're the original Supes (I know, I know, but go with me).  I'm always Linda. There's something so fun about taking on the haughty air of that statuesque chameleon while on the way to  pick up beer and peanut butter. Naomi and Cindy are always snatched up quickly by my crew, but no one ever mentions Christy. I guess there isn't much to mime since she's never been affected by the glamour and glitter. Christy seems like the down to earth girl whom the others call in tears to share their heartbreaks.

Recently interviewed in the UK Telegraph,  she remains poised, wise and humble about a career that's stood the test of time (her famous Maybeline contract is on year 19!)

There's lots of great quotes, but my fave is how she finds her daily tasks as a model so silly:

"I remember doing a shoot for Herb Ritts, hanging off the Eiffel Tower — that wasn't your usual day at the office"

Well, Christy, the next time I'm puttin' on The Trinity strut to Crate and Barrel, I'll grab a lamp post Gene Kelly style and pretend I'm you clutching the wrought iron of Paris in a diaphanous Westwood gown. Sounds like a good work day to me.

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  1. I'm with you - I think Christy is as beautiful as ever, but my favorite is, was, and always will be, Ms Evangelista. I'm on team Linda! xol


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