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Friday, July 23, 2010

G'day, Marie Claire

Yesterday a big shoot styling a 40's hair and swimsuit feature for Australian Marie Claire with fashion editor, Kate Harrowsmith.  Here's a few behind the scene-rs

(Location: The Catalina Club, Atlantic Beach, New York)

(I could never have planned this lady matching the decor. Sometimes moments just happen.)

(The girl stretching was my favorite of the day and a dead ringer for Parker Posey)

(These two boys played peanut gallery all day)

(and some casual gawking)

(but then what were they supposed to do?)

(I of course ignored the no eating rule)

(the girl in the stripey sweater was always "on", always posing and giving face, face, face, beauty, face)

(people think it's all so glamorous. shoots can be a lot of waiting around)

(and just another day at the office)

(it really was a 'good day', mate)

1 comment:

  1. FABULOUS!! Looks like such a perfect gig for you! And, I would also like the gal who looked like Parker Posey, it goes without saying, because Parker is the coolest! (I talked with her a few times at the dog run, because she has a sweet little dog, who is a similar type to my dog,, we got to gab about our girls, and she was great)! xoxl


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