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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

What the Google? Saul Bass

Oh boy Google has a real treat for us today with the Google logo re-interpreted through multiple famous Saul Bass movie openings in honor of Mr Bass' 93rd birthday 


Well known for mid-century movie openings that with their graphic visuals and jazzy tunage quite often competed or eclipsed that actual feature presentation, Saul Bass was a visionary and still inspires graphic designers and style hounds today.  

I've written about one of my favorite Bass' montages before with the black cat slinking through an alley for the Capucine / Jane Fonda / Barbara Stanwyck whorehouse vehicle, "Walk on the Wild Side" 


Obviously Bass did many, many other brilliant openers and definitely give the Google logo a play today. It'll make you smile how many you can guess! 

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