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Monday, May 13, 2013

Elle Magazine Has Embraced Women of Color in 2013

Last week we got quite excited at the "It Can't All Be Dior" offices when Kerry Washington was the Elle Magazine June cover gal. Finally a woman of color stands there to lure readers. We remarked then how appropriate a subject she is since she's in a crazy popular show with a loyal following (ie: built in fan base = built in readership = money$$$) 

Well with natural journalistic intrigue, we went back and happened upon a nice trend: Elle has put three consecutive women of color on their covers 

Rita Ora KILLED it in couture on the May 2013 cover

And Nicki Minaj got the "natural" treatment for the April 2013 cover 

Now, it is true that Rita Ora was one of a series of covers for May 2013 featuring current musical ladies that rock, but of the three possible covers, TWO were women of color (Alicia Keys being the second and Adele being the white gal) 

And it is also true that Claire Danes, Jessica Biel and Taylor Swift have rounded out the year as thus far, but to paraphrase Meatloaf: 3 out of 6 ain't bad. 

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