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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Perfect Day: Horses and Spongebob Popsicle

Yesterday Mr Taurus and I went for a brilliant windy Monday trip way downtown to the National Museum of the American Indian for an exhibit on the importance of the horse on Native peoples.

Mr Taurus and I both have an affection for horses and the symbolism of the horse.

Taurus:  "Horses are proud and regal. They always hold their head high with pride at their own majesty"

In addition they improved Native peoples hunting and warfare capabilities. In deference the Natives honored the spirit of the horse by dolling the horse up in flashy get ups and by displaying horses in their clothing, weapons and various artifacts.

This was a pretty groovy exhibit and I was impressed by the mix of history and design

I particularly enjoyed this bit about how valuable horses were to the Natives

(Those are some leggings!)

Mr Taurus and I shared an ice cream after. The vendor teased me for getting the Spongebob pop, but cotton candy flavored with gumball eyes? Yummers!

Shame I got a mere few minutes of licking in before Spongebob escaped his stick and landed slap dab on my shirt.

Taurus: "See that's why they put the gumballs on top/ as the eyes, no one ever makes it past the top of the pop"

There's wisdom in there somewhere, I'm positive.

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