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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

well hello there

well hello kids. yes I know you're thinking "great another fashion fag, another blog", but I have lots of ideas cranking around in my football head beyond just fashion (I am obsessed with all forms of design and beauty and color and flare and fun) and I hope you'll take this journey with me.

I guess this marks the place for the intro, so let's go.

About me I'm a gregarious little guy who was always hooked on fashion, clothing and style. When a fashion assistant job at a magazine, Budget Living, opened up in 2005 I moved from Maryland to New York. I loved working at BL, but it was the first lesson I got on the shaky foundation of magazines when it folded in 2006. Bummer. What was I to do? Where was I to go? I was out on my fanny.

But then I got up and worked it out. From 2006-2009 I freelanced at lots of other great magazines styling, writing and editing. I worked on movies and tv shows. Ads and personal styling. I was on top of the world. A small town boy living his dreams of frou-frou nonsense.

Then the economy said "alright now, there isn't much wiggle room for fashion and silliness right now" and fashion put the brakes on hiring. This timed right with my tired spell. I had been freelancing and working steady for the past 3 years all based on word of mouth and hustling. I was beat. So I did what any self-respecting gay does: I worked retail. I worked for Alexis Bittar and I sold the bejesus out of that plastic jewelry. It was fun for awhile and God knows the idea of a full time job (and health insurance!) had its appeal, but ultimately this job was not for me. In January 2010, I was on my own again. Adding insult to injury, I ended a 5 month romantic relationship that was souring by the minute. Jeepers, can a boy get a break?

So now I'm in that disorienting waltz that is complete life overhaul (cue dramatic music). I am in the "looking for my next career path break and looking for love" boat. I guess that brings me to this blog. One of my best friends and I coined this term "It Can't All Be Dior" back in college as a saying that not everything can be perfect and beautiful and brilliant. For every slice of pecan pie, you gotta eat a lot of canned green beans first. The saying has stuck with me through my life and it feels 100% on point for how I feel right now. It can't all be Dior, but some of it can!

I hope this blog will be an enjoyable outlet and a great look into the life of a recently 30, recently single and recently unemployed gay man who is in love with fashion, design, food, writing, animals, his friends, FUN, and, most importantly, in love with life.


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