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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Damn Those Diffusion Lines!

After several false alarms, finally I'm going home! Yay! Haven't been back to Maryland since May 2009. Kinda due. Almost didn't happen too. Old Man Winter is dumping more snow in the New York. But it's some kinda of weird rain snow. Whatever, the Chinese be running they buses and I be on one.

Miss J and Mr. M pick me up at the Baltimore Travel Plaza and faster than you can say too many Dunkin' Donuts coffees we are in the thrift stores. Doin' our thang.

Right out of the gate I find a brilliant Halston sweater dress. Crimson, boxy and 100% polyester. Look at that pilling! Miss J didn't miss a beat with "Damn those diffusion lines!" Hilare. I should have picked it up for SJP's reference.

I almost went for an acid green Clematis print Hawaiian shirt. I think it was the colorful print.

I almost went for a yellow ringer-ed navy blue terry cloth cover. I think it was the yellow.

I did land a genius brown rectangular Seth Thomas flip clock for $1.91! $2.02 with tax! Umm, yeah! Gotta love Baltimore! I have been trolling ebay for a clock like this for awhile. What a coup! More to come (including pics) about this clock, have no fear.

And of course we have a run-in with the Friendly's. It's not a pickup from the bus stop without a visit to the land of the Fishamajig. Somehow we restrain ourselves from that dinner choice, although Mr. M got quite a "glossy" burger.

Gotta love that Maryland! Good to be home.

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